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2016 Trends

2016 Trends
February 24, 2016 carla_fisher

Trendsetters Couldn’t Have Predicted!

2016 started off with something even trendsetters couldn’t have predicted! For the first time ever, Pantone chose two colours for “Colour of the Year”.

Colors of the Year

Based on their always accurate colour choice(s), we should expect to see a lot more of Rose Quartz and Serenity. Lucky for us, we happen to love the look of these colours together!

Benjamin Moore Wasn’t Far Behind

They went along with the simple understated tone, choosing “Simply White” as their colour to beat. Minimalism and simplicity seem to be this year’s design theme.

Meanwhile, In The Interior Design World…

Diamond Vogel chose Martina Olive, Sun’s Rage, Eugenia, Cold North, and Orchid as their anticipated trending interior colours. While interior colours are expected to be bright and vibrant in a big way this year, Behr went slightly more understated for exterior colours. This colour blocking method of interior/exterior design is common. Behr’s anticipating Palais White, Safari Vest, Almond Latte, Chocolate Therapy to be this year’s standouts.

A Note From Your Team

In terms of texture, the entire Sticks and Stones team is excited to start mixing metals, expect to see gold, silver and chrome everywhere! Cork is making a comeback, and marble’s a strong contender, as usual. Raw concrete is maintaining its trendiness, while stone and fur are coming back as a trend to watch. Rustic wood combined with greenery indicates a woodland/city friendly theme is up and coming. Finally geometric tiles are making a comeback and we can’t wait to see how versatile they’ll prove to be!

Décor is expected to turn towards artisinally sourced goods. Think tassels, basketry, macrame and crochet (but with a new take on the 70’s). To embrace this trend we’re advising clients to hit up some local markets and those not so local (but still great) stores like Urban Outfitters. We’re looking forward to seeing clients mix vintage and artisinal items with mass produced goods, like a lambskin pouf/Moroccan rug next to a Target coffee table.

Finally, 2016’s looking like it’s going to be a technology and sustainability driven year. Like previous years, clients are encouraged to reuse, recycle and renew materials! This could be done through decorating homes with greenery and natural materials, or simply taking inspiration from garage sales and farmer’s markets. What’s that saying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? The bonus? These trends align well with 2016’s must-have textures. Those particularly ambitious clients can look at installing a Tesla power wall or geothermal/passive heating. Smart homes are becoming the future’s standard, and we can’t wait to start implementing these changes ourselves!