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How to choose a kitchen sink

How to choose a kitchen sink
September 13, 2016 carla_fisher

“Everything but the Kitchen Sink”

You have probably heard the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” meaning everything must go but a large piece of the puzzle in home design. Why? Because it is often a difficult piece to move! All the more reason to choose wisely when deciding on the best kitchen sink for your home. It seems like a simple decision but when you break it down it really can turn into a complex task that should be well thought out. You must factor in trends, material, size and functionality.

The latest trends in kitchen sinks have come a very long way. You can now choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Not only can you add various accessories but homeowners are leaning towards large single basin sinks rather than double sinks.

Some of the style options you will come across are integrated, undermount, self rimming, island and apron styles. There are material options such as stainless steel, quartz , porcelain, marble, bamboo, iron, natural stone, granite, siligranite and composite sinks.

There are many pros and cons to each trend, material and size. Having a designer assist you with this choice is always best as we can factor in your lifestyle and help you make an informed decision on what type of sink will best suit your individual needs.

One of our preferred brands to source from for stainless and granite sinks is Kindred. They provide the utmost quality and reliability. They have a multitude of sinks to match many needs, styles and budgets.

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