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Our favourite rooms we’ve designed

Our favourite rooms we’ve designed
March 5, 2016 carla_fisher

Aleks’ Favourite Room-Canmore Renovation – Taggy’s Room (5-year-old boy)

The reasons I love it….

  • The client allowed us to be bold with pattern and colour in the interior decor.
  • A platform bed with stairs that double as drawers, lots of toy storage and a pull-out trundle bed for sleep-overs. A USB plug and Tolomeo reading sconce make the platform level extra functional.
  • A shelf/desk combination, complete with hinge-activated task lighting, sliding panels and drawers – there are surprise pops of colour behind a few of the openings.
  • A miniature climbing wall!
  • White cork plank flooring is warm and soft under foot.
  • The modern light fixture creates fun shadow play on the walls.
  • Custom toss cushions are the perfect finishing touch to the scheme.

Tanya’s Favourite Room-Abbott House Renovation- 2nd living room

The reasons I love it….

  • Smaller room but can still see the view, allows for a cozier atmosphere next to the fireplace.
  • Contrast of dark textured materials, such as the fireplace stone and the light paint color on the walls.
  • Reclaimed wood coffee table to bring in the ‘natural’ world and add a ton of texture to the space.
  • Striped high back chairs which are both comfy and create some drama to the living room.

Carla’s Favourite Room- Lake Country/Games Room

The reasons I love it….

  • The decor and design are fun and playful for both kids and adults.
  • This was designed and constructed five years ago and it still looks fresh and innovative.
  • The entire bar was designed around the personalized slush machines!

Spirit’s Favourite Room-Kamenka Residence

The reasons I love it….

  • Beautiful ceiling skylight allows for tons of natural light.
  • A perfect mix of both clean crisp white and textured tiles.
  • Subtle built-in wood vanity to compliment the pebble wall/floor feature.

Amber’s Favourite Room

The reasons I love it….

  • It is a large open space great for having the whole family in. The kitchen/living room/dining area is such an important space in the home because it is used all the time. In this one you can see and interact with everyone no matter where they are.
  • I like all of the clean straight lines making the space feel long and linear, and drawing your eye through the whole space.
  • The pop of red colour, from the chair to the pillows to the bar stools add interest and energy.
  • The open risers and glass railing, make the space feel open and non-constrictive.

Amy’s Favourite Room

The reasons I love it….

  • It is a great place to entertain in the summer and spend cozy evenings outside relaxing by the fire.
  • The view is also pretty amazing from this part of the house.
  • I feel it’s a great outdoor retreat.

Brittney’s Favourite Room- The Range

The reasons I love it….

  • It has a beautiful blend of sophistication and rustic qualities, allowing all users to feel comfortable.
  • The custom artwork has meaning that only the clients and we know.
  • The bull’s head is front and centre, a signature, memorable piece of personalization.
  • Industrial seating is practical, long-lasting, and grounding.
  • Simple but impactful colour palette.
  • The lighting is beautiful and cohesive.

Katie’s Favourite Room- Buck Lake Ranch

The reasons I love it….

  • I have always been inspired by the Buck Lake Ranch project. If had to choose one specific room I would have to go with the master bedroom.
  • The size of this room, paired with the vaulted ceilings and the view from each picture window was indescribable to see up close.
  • Creating a cozy space is always a challenge with this size of room and high ceilings but I think it came together perfectly.
  • This log home was also nominated for a Tommie award— what’s not to love?!