Erika KeskitaloInterior Designer, DID

Erika was born and raised in Calgary, and while embracing her European roots and creative mindset, she set off to Italy where she studied interior design.  

With an innate sense of style and attention to detail, her intuitive and broad perspective to design brings forth the opportunity to transform a space with a clean, modern finesse. She’s spent the last few years delving into many areas of the design world, to which she attributes her ability to adapt to many different styles, and needs of any project she takes on.

She strives to continually learn and push the boundaries of what personal design style can mean to a multitude of communities. Erika lives for the details and believes everyone should live in a space they are proud to call their own. With a never ending love for adventure, and new experiences, Erika travels whenever the opportunity arises, and possibly indulging in some rosé along the way.

Education: Diploma of Interior Design
Florence Institute of Design International (Winter 2013)
Florence, Italy