ChristinaInterior Designer, BID

For as long as Christina can remember, she has always been challenging herself to be the best she can be by thinking outside the box, exploring more creative approaches and being open minded to unexpected obstacles. She knew she wanted a career she could be passionate about and that would continue challenging her, which is what lead her to taking the Advanced Interior Design program at Centre for Arts and Technology.  


Her interior design style adapts to every project, whether it be ultra-modern, traditional, Scandinavian, or whichever style best suits the client and project. She values being an adaptable and versatile designer because it allows her to connect to a wide range of people and gives her the ability to fulfill their needs. People describe her as a perfectionist because she is driven by hard work and fulling her goals to the best of her ability.  


With every project she asks herself, who is going to be using this space, and how do they want to feel when they are in it? The answers to these questions are what influences her approach, techniques, selections, and aesthetic themes. She enjoys finding balance by use of neutrals with pops of color, a combination of pattern and texture, and experimenting with organic and geometric forms. Her goals as a designer are to create spaces that can contribute to the wellness of its occupants and the environment through sustainable design.