Styling should reflect your personal tastes and interests

Although the application of design can be varied and range from homes, to graphics, and everything in between, the principle is simple. Curating the final elements to enhance the overall design intent for both residential and commercial projects is essential when taking a project from concept to completion.

Our designs are not only intentional and made to serve a purpose, they just look good too. We’re all about the best of both worlds.

Our designs ensure creativity and functionality meet in the middle, using the most up-to-date and current trends available.

Our designs ensure you’ll get the seal of approval from even the toughest critics around. Yes, even your mother would approve.

Design is all about intentional creativity

It’s meant to both inspire and serve a purpose. Whether you’re hoping to take your kitchen from blah to fab, or remodel your apartment, we know just how to get you there.



An initial programming meeting determines the overall project intent.


Furniture Selection

We’ll select furniture packages and label the pieces on a floor plan.


Colour Consultations

Our consultations ensure your space is put together and eye-catching.


Delivery & Installation

Arranging delivery and installation coordination so you don’t have to.


Hunter Douglas Windows

We’re proud to be the sole supplier of Hunter Douglas window coverings.


Art & Accessory Shopping

We’ll shop locally to select pieces that complement and accent your space.