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We're all different (as our footwear will attest) but we believe our differences give way to interior design innovation.

Carla Bond-Fisher

President + Founder, AT, ASTTBC

Carla is smart, savvy – and the leader of Sticks and Stones Design Group. Carla values relationships above all and that serve her clients – and her team – well. She’s a natural interior designer, a visionary and a talented and ethical entrepreneur.During the last 29 years, Carla has built this fresh, successful lifestyle design firm with an inspired company culture that fuels excellence, innovation and outstanding customer service.

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Meet The Team!

And Their Shoes!



Custom home designer



Interior design technologist

Interior designer, ADID


Accountant, BBA

Abby recently graduated from the Centre For Arts & Technology in Kelowna, BC with a Graphic & Web Design Diploma. Abby brings her creativity and digital skills to the Sticks + Stones Team, granting her the name “digital wizard”. Abby has always had a love for the arts and decided Graphic Design was the perfect career choice for her from a young age. Her passion for design helps our team bring our visions to life in the digital world!

Graphic Designer

Interior design technologist

Avery studied Architecture Animation Technology at Lethbridge College, where he was so impressed by his peers and the learning environment that he returned to further his education in Interior Design Technology. This experience allowed Avery to deepen his design expertise while working with a variety of software, including rendering programs, to create realistic 3D renderings that showcase his skills and creativity. Avery brings his expertise and creativity to Sticks + Stones, making him a great addition to our team!

Christina is a dynamic interior designer driven by a passion for creative challenges. Graduating from the Advanced Interior Design program at the Centre for Arts and Technology, she embraces versatility, tailoring her style to each project's unique vision. Known for her adaptability and perfectionism, Christina prioritizes fulfilling clients' needs while creating spaces that evoke specific emotions. She balances neutrals with bursts of color, textures, and forms to craft environments that promote well-being and sustainability.  

Landis is passionate about organizing and bringing sketches, samples, notes, and emails into one cohesive package. Her drafting journey began in grade 10 woodshop and continued with Architectural Technologies at BCIT, leading her to a career in Interior Design. She works with AutoCAD and Vectorworks, dreaming of a hybrid software combining their best features. Landis brings her creativity and technical skills to Sticks + Stones, bringing clients' dreams to life.

Lisa, originally from Shanghai, China, has lived in Canada since 2001. Holding a Diploma in Business Accounting from Algonquin College (2004) and a Bachelor of Management Degree with a major in accounting from the University of Lethbridge (2006), she boasts over 15 years of accounting experience across various industries. Lisa excels in managing tasks and meeting deadlines, with strong organizational, communication, and time management skills. Actively involved in her community, she volunteers with the Calgary Jiang Zhe Shanghai Association, assisting with government fund applications and organizing cultural events.

Mike has been in the building and design industry for 20 years with international experience in both residential and large scale design and construction. As a certified construction manager, Mike provides creative and technical knowledge and creative problem-solving abilities to the team. His passion for design and architecture helps fuel the entire project from concept to building completion while providing the client what they desire most in their home.



Senior pawject manager

The beautiful Olive is the sweetheart of our office and never turns down an opportunity to cuddle. When you're panicked about a deadline, she'll gladly hang out with you until you're all cheered up.

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