Carla President + Founder, AT, ASTTBC

Carla is smart, savvy – and the leader of Sticks and Stones Design Group.

Carla values relationships above all and that serve her clients – and her team – well. She’s a natural interior designer, a visionary and a talented and ethical entrepreneur.

During the last 27 years, Carla has built this fresh, successful lifestyle design firm with an inspired company culture that fuels excellence, innovation and outstanding customer service.

As a mother of three children, Carla understands the fine balance required to build a leading design company and enjoy a healthy family life. “This integration of family and business has helped us add “lifestyle” to our culture at Sticks + Stones. Just as I want this meaningful and rewarding mix in my world… so too do our team members – and, most of our clients. Our shared commitment to a wholesome, empowering environment in our studios also helps us deliver perceptive and highly-creative design and build projects for our clients.”

Carla works from the  studio in Kelowna, BC  and she consults with clients throughout Canada and internationally.

Education: SAIT, Calgary Alberta, 1986, Diploma in Architectural Technology