Commercial Renovations

How Does Your Office Space Reflect Your Company Brand?

Creating a brand through interior design at your office can be quite simple with the right people helping you.

Interior design is one of the first things overlooked, not to mention cut from the budget when it comes down to ‘branding’ your company, but the way your space looks reflects how your customers and clients perceive you.  You probably worked very hard to make a name for yourself in the world not to mention the time, effort  and money you spent to start up your business, hiring a marketing company and getting the right logo, business cards and website put together to brand and create your image in the marketplace.   Your company is constantly under scrutiny by your clients  and they will perceive your standing in the business world by not only your marketing material but also the look and feel of your office space.  It is extremely important to create a workplace that is pulled together aesthetically to illustrate to your clients the services and level of professionalism you provide.  It also helps by stimulating the well being and morale of your employees.

If you have anything mauve, dusty rose or teal colored in your office, give us a call because this not only dates your space back to the 1980’s but it also dates you and your business.

Flooring is a major factor in the improvement to your office, if the carpet is worn, stained, or you have that all to familiar 12×12 tile with any combination of the above colors in it, it is time for a change. There is Commercial Grade Carpet available now in a tile format that comes in a variety of colors, patterns and price ranges that even the most cost effective carpet will be an improvement to your old existing carpet, Not to mention the value added when you use carpet tile, if one tile gets stained, or worn too thin, you can easily replace a single tile down the road instead of replacing the whole office, it is not only good for the environment but your wallet will also thank you.

Outdated Office?

Dare I even say the next telltale sign of an outdated office?  Vertical and mini blindes! yikes i just said it…. replace these drab, blast from the past, window coverings with something new like roller shades or faux wood blinds, or if privacy and glare is not an issue, leave the windows bare. Let your office show off your company’s image through interior design as people walk past your windows and look in.

Office Colors

What you choose for your office colors can have a dramatic effect on your clients and other visitors. The colors you use should reflect your business and the image you are trying portray to clients.  Remember your image is being projected and judgments are being made the moment potential clients walk in the front door.   Natural colors such as creams, and beiges combined with wood grain finishes are often used to create a refined and sophisticated look, but be careful because these colors can also give the impression of being boring, safe and dull.   You need to look at the degree of seriousness that the business’s image is trying to portray.  In general the brighter the color, the less serious the business.  You need to choose colores appropriate to the age of your clients, their cultural background, whether they are male or female, and the type of business you are promoting.


Storage is key to keeping a messy, cluttered office under control. By providing enough storage you will have no problem keeping desks and work surfaces clear from mounds of paper. Depending on the items your company needs to store be creative in the way you store such items. If budget is a concern, this is a good opportunity to have fun with different heights, colors, textures and styles of storage pieces that you can use to create a unique and interesting approach to storage.

Free Initial Consultation

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