“Splish Splash” I Was Takin a Bath

No Longer Just a Utilitarian Space

Today’s bathroom can be a place of luxury and convenience, and your bathtub can be a sanctuary within the sanctuary of your bathroom.

Achieving this sanctuary is a matter of keeping up with the latest and greatest in bathtub design. Todays market includes 1,000 of manufactuers who’s line of tubs includes all shapes and sizes; some are freestanding, or drop in, others are carved from granite, or surround by wood, and tile.

Here are some of the most beautiful tubs we’ve seen, and even a few we’ve installed on our recent projects!

Freestanding Tub

This beautiful one-of-a-kind freestanding granite tub feature polished interior and rim with chiseled exterior. This tub is available in 60″ and 72″ and is made to order.

Compact Tubs

Wow, check out the newest in compact tubs with deep-soak capacity. This tub; from Blu Bathworks features a small footprint of 59″L x 31 1/2″ W with big-tub luxury! Ideally proportioned for smaller spaces. What do you think about the green apple though?

Drop-In Baths

Drop-in baths; like the one below we recently installed in a Canmore home, have a finished rim and are designed to drop into a deck or custom surround. One of the advantages of drop-in baths is that they can be installed in corners, peninsulas, islands and recesses, or can be sunk into the floor.

Upscale Bathroom

Whether you’re remodeling or in the process of building your home, if you have always wanted an upscale bathroom, a classic bathtub is the best choice. The perfect mix of traditional and modern. A classic tub will stand the test of time and adds ageless beauty to any bathroom.

Since you wouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes without trying them on first, we strongly encourage you test your tootsie in the tub before you buy! Feeling overwhelmed? Our team can help guide you through the selection process. Please give us a call at 403-678-1733 (Canmore) and 250-712-9282 (Kelowna).