The Next Gen Building is a place for today’s youth and our Next Generation to come together.

The best way to begin this design process was to think like a teenager, what are their interests, what inspires them? The functionality of the floor plan was to entice youth to connect to the space and each other through various key design elements. Furniture pieces were designed to be rearranged depending on the event, coaxing space and user interaction. Games tables were strategically placed encouraging teens to mesh and collaborate while being active and having fun.  A modern twist on an indoor pergola creates a fun and functional break out area complete with bean bags, board games, and picnic tables.

We worked with a local artist to design a large Chalk Board wall filled with inspiring quotes to get the conversation flowing in this area. Catering to current technology needs, we designed a phone charging station and a graphic angel wing “selfie” wall that morphed into a beautiful mural.

All of these elements come together to provide a space for the youth to have fun, collaborate, and be themselves.

Selfie Wall
Empowered Mamas
Bean Bag Chairs